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white euro flap envelope with a blue tile pattern envelope liner
euro flap envelope liner size a7 with a blue mediterranean tile pattern
envelope liners for diy wedding invitation accessories

Blue Mediterranean Tile Envelope Liners (set of 10)

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Envelope Liners are the perfect way to elevate your wedding invitations and delight your guests from the second they open their envelopes! These are our A7 Pointed / Euro Flap Envelope Liners which fit MOST 5x7" Euro Flap Envelopes with a deep V cut.

Key Details:
• Envelope liners feature a blue Mediterranean tile pattern which makes them perfect for summer or destination weddings
• Sold in Packs of 10
• Printed on Text weight Paper for ease of use
• Measures 9.25" H x 6.875" W - Please confirm your envelope size before ordering as refunds are not available for size discrepancy.
• Envelopes not included
• Adhesive not included (glue stick or double sided tape recommended)
• All orders include and extra liner or two, for practice
• Ships flat and unscored

Assembly Instructions:

1.Slide liner into envelope
2. Using the crease on the envelope flap as your guide, close the envelope and press to fold the envelope liner into position.
3. Lift up the envelope flap & apply your adhesive to the back of the envelope liner from the point down about 2” on each side - Please note that you only need to glue the top “V” side of the liner. DO NOT glue the bottom portion of the liner to the envelope as this will result in unwanted wrinkles and creases
4. Fold the envelope flap back down and firmly press to the liner. Voila!