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How to Use Wax Seals for Your Wedding Invitations

Today on the blog I am sharing tips for how to use wax seals for your wedding invitations. If you’re new here, HI! It's great to have you, my name is Karen and I am a Wedding Stationer and Calligrapher in Central FL. As a Wedding Stationer for couples for the past 4 years, I love using wax seals and can’t wait to tell you more about them and why they make excellent add ons to your wedding invitations. 

Wax seals are metal stampers that are pressed onto hot wax to create an impression. They come in a huge variety of styles and colors, or they can be entirely custom (both the seal and the wax color). 


The most common way to use a wax seal is to seal your envelopes. They add an amazing touch of luxury and instantly let your guests know that this is a FANCY event. You will see them typically placed directly on the point of the flap on the back of the envelopes. But they can be placed anywhere along the flap to create an even more unique look.  Oh and don’t worry, they are safe to mail. The sealing wax we use is flexible and will not crack, break or tear in the mail. Wax seals are made by heating up the wax with (like a traditional glue gun), pouring the wax onto the envelope and then pressing the metal stamper into the wax. Once holding it for a few seconds, the wax hardens leaving the imprint of your customized or selected stamp image. 

But maybe you don’t want them on the outside? We can use them inside!

They can be used to 

  • seal belly wraps
  • seal vellum wraps
  • seal ribbon together

You see the pattern, right? Any and all wraps around the invitation card and insert cards can be tied together (or sealed together) with a gorgeous wax seal. 


Wax seals look lovely on place cards and menu cards. Better yet, you can use one to seal the place card to the menu card for show-stopping table stationery!! Add another fancy element by using different seals to signal food selections! An imprint of cow, chicken or fish stamped on the place card would be an added detail sure to wow your guests and even the caterers!

They work well for “find your seat” charts by helping create a decorative look to this display. Or they can also be used on favor tags. 


I don’t know what you’ve heard, but Thank you cards are still a nice and very much appreciated gesture after the wedding is over. According to all etiquette guides, these definitely should be a must for couples after the wedding. So why not add a custom wax seal with your new initials or monogram to the outside of the thank you card envelope! This small detail will continue to delight your guests and make them feel special (like they’re a part of your union, because, well they were there) even after the party is over. What’s even better? Custom family wax seals can become a keepsake item which you can use over and over when sending mail to your loved ones (holiday cards, anyone?). If you create a custom wax stamper, you will get to keep the stamper after everything is completed! How precious would it be to have your own forever stamper to add a touch of flare to your cards each year!

Here at fioribelle we have sooo many colors to choose from and all sorts of ways to incorporate a wax seal! Let’s chat if you’d be interested in adding these to your custom wedding invitations! 

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