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About Fioribelle | Latina-Owned Stationery & Wedding Invitations


Welcome to Fioribelle, where artistry meets stationery. We're not just in the business of paper and ink; we're in the business of capturing moments, emotions, and stories through beautifully crafted stationery.

Our Story

Fioribelle was born from a passion for art, design, and the power of personal connection. As a Latina-owned small business, we believe in the beauty of diversity and the strength of embracing our cultural roots. Our founder, Karen, brings her unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship to every piece we create.

A Fusion of Art and Stationery

At Fioribelle, we believe that stationery should be more than just a utilitarian product. It's a canvas for creativity, a vessel for love notes, and a messenger of joy. We infuse each piece with warmth, personality, and a touch of Karen's own calligraphy and hand lettering.

Made with Love, Right Here in the USA

We're proud to say that our products are designed and made right here in the USA. By choosing Fioribelle, you're not only supporting a small business but also contributing to a network of artisans and local manufacturers. It's our way of spreading love and opportunity.

Why Stationery Matters

You might wonder, why stationery? It's more than just paper and stickers; it's a celebration of life's little moments. Our greeting cards help you connect with loved ones, our stickers add a dash of personality to your world, and our party goods turn ordinary gatherings into unforgettable experiences. We believe in the luxury of stationery, without the stuffiness.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to join us on this whimsical journey through art and stationery. Whether you're a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding invitation or a busy mom in need of some cheerful stationery and gifts, Fioribelle has something special for you.

Thank you for choosing Fioribelle. We're here to bring creativity, joy, and a sprinkle of magic to your everyday life.

Get in Touch

Have questions, ideas, or just want to chat? Reach out to us anytime via email or on our contact page. We'd love to hear from you.