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What Are Envelope Liners?

greenery pattern envelope liner for winter wedding invitations


Here at Fioribelle we are all about adding a bit of flair to our invitations with special elements that delight and impress your guests from the second they open their invite.  If you're new here, hi! my name is Karen and I am a wedding invitation designer based out of Central Florida and today on the blog we are going to talk all about Envelope Liners!

Envelope liners are a separate piece of paper that is attached (glued or taped) onto the inside of an envelope. They add an extra touch of flair to your invitation and they are the perfect place to add special elements that may not work design wise when placed directly on your invitation card. Liners are often used to include details that are important to you: a monogram, a design element that ties everything together, or a venue illustration. They can be simple too, just an extra pop of color! 

Not only are they beautiful but they really do serve a purpose! Liners help protect your invitation in the mail. The extra layer of paper helps make the envelope a tiny bit stronger and more sturdy. Keeping your gorgeous wedding invitation that much safer from tears and damage as it makes its way to your guests.

Do envelope liners get ripped when people open the envelope?

Here at  Fioribelle we design all of our wedding invitation suites with Euroflap envelopes - a type of envelope that has a pointed flap that invites your guests to open it from the flap instead of tearing through the top of the envelope. Our invites are often times paired with a wax seal that your guests can use to lift up the envelope flap and open it to reveal a gorgeous envelope liner and the top of your invitation card peeking out. Swoon! 

If we're being honest, sure! they do get ripped sometimes, but even if they do get torn, the design goes from the point of the flap all the way in and down the envelope, so your guests can still appreciate it. 

Envelope liners are a cost effective way to add a special touch to your invitation design. If you’re unsure of how these can be a wonderful addition to your invitation, let's chat about all the ways we can help create a wedding invitation that fits you and your partner perfectly!

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